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What is servicecamp?

servicecamp is a cloud-based service desk that helps you to provide efficient customer service. Included in the TeamViewer Premium and Corporate subscription license, servicecamp provides an all in one solution in which remote support and customer service management interplay seamlessly. Therefore, you can provide personal, convincing support – even with high ticket volumes. Concentrate on your work, not to getting thing to work.

Bring your customer service to the next level


See how servicecamp helps you

Improve your daily IT support management and customer service

Efficient customer service

  • Prioritize, track and manage incoming requests
  • Provide fast and convenient support pursuant to the customer requirements
  • Use bulk actions to work a big amount of tickets with one single action
  • Structure tickets into topics to identify important recurring request issues
  • Create information levels by highlighting relevant ticket content

Improve ticket response times

  • Use the servicecamp email client integration
  • Process incoming tickets directly from Outlook or Gmail
  • Improve response times and ticket handling
  • Keep your current working environment
  • Be always on top of issues

Enjoy easy team collaboration

  • Get away from your email flood
  • Organize everything in one place
  • Set responsibilities for certain tickets and requests
  • See, if a ticket already has been assigned or answered
  • Follow-up tickets, when you can't solve it right away
  • Send private notes to communicate internally or add information to a certain ticket


Provide personal service and support

  • Sort and manage incoming customer requests
  • Support your customers with one single click
  • Contact customers via chat, video conferencing or assist via remote support
  • Provide seamless support at any time in any case


Take a closer look at the features

So nothing will ever slip through the cracks

  • Easy usage

    TeamViewer servicecamp impresses with its clear structure and appealing design. There is no complicated or long onboarding necessary. Log in and start working immediately. Give it a try.

  • Works everywhere

    Be flexible in choosing from where you want to work. With TeamViewer servicecamp you aren’t tied to your office desk. Decide whether you want to work from home or on the go.

  • High security

    TeamViewer the company and the software that it develops are from Germany and work in accordance with European data security regulations. The software utilizes end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and trusted devices. Inbox spam filtering functions ensure an easy and smooth workflow.

  • Topics

    Sort incoming request tickets into topics to be able to quantify and measure frequently asked questions and recurring support issues.

  • Private notes

    Use private notes for internal, cross-team collaboration, or set a reminder for yourself in the ticket history of a customer. Now you won’t miss a thing and will be able to resolve tickets faster.

  • Quoting

    Reply to tickets while you continue to read and add relevant quotes from previous conversations to your reply. The typed answer will still be there when you switch back to the ticket after quoting a relevant ticket passage.

  • Centralize information

    Centralize relevant customer information in your inbox. When receiving or opening a certain ticket, all relevant information related to the sender is visible right inside the ticket. When selecting a specific contact, you get the whole ticket conversation at a glance.

  • Auto-close

    Set a date for when a ticket has to be closed automatically. If a customer doesn’t respond or the ticket has to be closed by a certain time, you can define a date and the ticket will be removed from your list. You always only have open tickets in your inbox, and these are sorted by priority.

  • Follow-up

    Are you awaiting a response or unable to resolve a ticket right away? Get tickets out of the way and bring them up again when action is necessary or possible. Use the follow-up functionality to define when the ticket should reappear in your ticket list.

Sounds good?

servicecamp is included in the TeamViewer Premium and Corporate subscription license.


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